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Mission Statement

The professional mission of the Semo Law Group, is to provide the most respected source for legal services without compromising our principles. The following principles will guide the delivery of our services and our growth:

1. Secure a work environment which will allow the talents of our people to be fully exercised and mature, treating one another with respect and dignity at all times and recognizing that diversity is an essential component to enabling us to accomplish our professional objective.

2. Apply the highest standard of professional care and concern to each matter entrusted to us, recognizing the dignity of each client and that entrusting such matters to us is the greatest professional honor the client can bestow.

3. Earn enthusiastically satisfied clients. Our clients recognize that we are often asked to deal with very unpleasant matters. It is our duty to reciprocate their trust and to be candid with both good news and bad. Our clients expect absolute candor, they deserve no less.

4. Contribute positively to the communities in which we work and live. Members of this organization who have only delivered “billable work” have failed to fulfill their obligations. Cash donations alone do not fulfill this obligation.

5. Profitability is essential to our ability to execute our mission. Our clients expect us to request a fair and reasonable fee that will allow us to make a reasonable profit. It is our responsibility to manage the expenses we incur to avoid our having to charge larger fees and so that we may deliver outstanding value.

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