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The Semo Law Group has adopted the following Website Privacy Policy applicable to The Semo Law Group reserves the right to change this Website Privacy Policy from time to time without notice to website user. Users should review the Semo Law Group Website Privacy Policy from time to time for the most current version.

Our information request form requires visitors requesting publications or access to our website information to give us demographic information, including name, e0mail address, and business affiliation, and to identify how they learned of the Semo Law Group and our website (the “Demographic Information”). The Semo Law Group may use Demographic Information to send visitors information about the Semo Law Group, the services we offer, new publications, upcoming presentations, and the services we offer, and to notify visitors of updates to our website. We also use Demographic Information to help us target our website information and to tailor our services to the needs of our clients and potential clients. The Semo Law Group will not sell Demographic Information to third parties.

Please be advised that the Semo Law Group cannot assure that e-mail sent to the Semo Law Group or to any individual at the Semo Law Group will be secure. If you wish to provide us with confidential information which you do not want accessible to the public, we recommend that you contact us by telephone prior to sending any such information.

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